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Beware of Namecheap

We've been a loyal and outspoken customer of Namecheap for 12 years. Until recently we never had any issues with Namecheap, and they were always responsive whenever we contacted them. Unfortunately that all changed this year. Earlier this year the domain renewal process at Namecheap had an error while trying to renew one of our domains, and because the renewal failed, Namecheap auctioned off the domain that we had held for 11 years.

Namecheap will tell you that all renewals are your responsibility, including domains on auto-renew. Their stance is that even for domains on auto-renew you must make sure the renewal actually happens.

To add insult to injury, Namecheap now has a policy of auctioning domains (at their discretion) if the renewal process fails - even if the cause is on their end. Unlike other registrars that will let the normal expiration process happen, including the normal redemption period, Namecheap will auction your domain to the highest bidder, regardless of how long you've been a customer or the age of the domain.

Where to go from here

After researching other domain registrars, especially ones that respect their customers and their domains, we've landed on Gandi.net. Gandi does not auction domains under any circumstances; we confirmed this with their support staff. We are not affiliated with Gandi in any way, and we're not using any affiliate links or being paid to write about our experience. We only want to get the word out before Namecheap does this to anyone else.